ArtCenter Awake

Adaptive Alarm Clock.


Design an alarm clock app for ArtCenter students.




Design + Research


Morning comes whether you set the alarm or not.

— Ursula K. Le Guin, American Author


Wake 'em up, beautifully.


One of the most rigorous design schools in the US, ArtCenter College of Design is (in)famous for its white nights where students would stay up and work on their projects over the course of a whole day or even over the course of multiple days.


This no doubt has a great impact on the student's well-being and their ability to comprehend and absorb new knowledge.


Be there or be square.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned at ArtCenter is the power of the critique. In a design school, getting constructive feedback from professors and/or peers have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the work. It helps rid us designers of tunnel vision, by taking a step back and view our work objectively.

Inspired by ArtCenter

The signatory black ceiling, stark white walls and the accentuating orange dot helped inspire the minimal design. The result is an app that feels clean, airy and optimistic yet still grounded in practicality and reliability.


Adaptive Intensity

Based on each individual's sleeping pattern, the app adjusts its intensity and vibration rhythm to create a smooth transition from REM to non-REM sleep, allowing for the best wake-up experience, unique to each student.

accessibility cached smartphone

Sync up with health trackers or monitor phone usage to extrapolate sleeping pattern.


Environmental Awareness

Activities at the nearby Rose Bowl often lead to traffic jam and street closures. The app keeps track of special events taking place nearby that may impact the arrival time of students. Wake-up times are then revised accordingly to help them be at school on time.

traffic cached smartphone

Monitor local feeds, including social media, to determine road & traffic condition.


An alarm clock that is always current.

Sign in using your school credentials, and the app will set up respective alarms based on your class schedule. No need to remember to re-set your class alarms every term.


Get feedback on timeliness.

The app also captures response time to alarms, the number of snoozes, approximation of the time you are asleep...etc, to generate a better picture of your waking-up performance.


Refine your alarms.

Once feedback have ben received, the algorithm will calculate the optimal wake-up time for the best experience. If needed, users can always step in to further refine the settings.