Reminder app for ArtCenter students.

Research – Concept – Prototype


As designers, we are devoted to our craft, always striving to create something of perfection, impeccable, flawless. That being said, everything ever designed have traces of humanity within it, and we ourselves are not without flaws, and are far from perfect. This thinking led me to question:

What if we design an AI that is characteristically flawed?

What if that very flaw can be used for good?

How will it change our expectations of current and future AI?




Participatory Research

Public Survey

Starting with the broad strokes, I started my research by putting up surveys around campuses asking students what kinds of reminder they want to have on the app.

I quickly learned that beside getting reminders for their class time, students also want to be notified of other social and professional activities on campus.

I developed a subscription model for signing up to receive reminders and alerts for classes and events happening around campus.


I was looking on the Hermes website for a handbag but did not finish checkout. Came back to my Facebook feed and - voilà - ads plastered everywhere for Hermes handbags.

— Ana M.

Inferences, recommendations and suggestions made by machines (you looked for, or saw, or bought this, so you must also like these) are prone to bias and errors.

— Maggie H.

In a way, targeted ads feel creepier than just normal ads. It made me self-conscious about what I'm looking at online, knowing that someone, or something, is always watching.

— Daniel H.

My son gave us an Alexa as a gift. We kept her in the kitchen because we might want to use it to order things but we didn’t want her to listen in on everything. It’s kinda ironic, right?

— Cheryl D.

Rapid Prototyping

Co-Design Process

I sat down with Michelle, a brilliant attorney and enthusiastic supporter of tech, whom I knew from my Intellectual Property Law class. We discussed how people value their privacy today, and for the futures to come.



Mobile app that wakes you up on time


and notify you of events you care about.

ArtCenter Awake

Your ultimate personal confidant.

An AI that lives atop your smart home devices and on your phone, Dory springs into action when you say the keywords ‘Hey Dory’ or use a custom gesture on your phone.

keyboard_arrow_up Be up on time

keyboard_arrow_up Be better at what you do

Be professional keyboard_arrow_down

Sign in with your ArtCenter student account to sync class schedules.

Review and adjust alarms to fit your personal needs.

The app learns your waking up pattern and helps make adjustments to improve it.

How it works

Dory is discreet by design.

Privacy API makes the proper privacy assumptions based on the user query, and the service chosen, bundling them together for processing.


Heavy Snoozer

Rapid Riser








6:30 am

6:45 am

7:00 am


Wake up time

7:15 am

7:30 am

Dory’s Privacy API is compatible with many services and apps that you know and love.



Dory is discreet by design.